You guys were the only thing that made sense to me. Now that you’re done, I might as well quit, right?

Wrong. You’ll always have a special place in my heart. You’ll always be there for me. So I’m not sad about this as much as I thought I would be. In fact, I’m not sad at all. Instead of crying…

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I mean, you can’t describe it any better than this.
missnicotine said: I do not agree with what the anon at all. Obviously, you respect My Chemical Romance a lot if you post what you think is attractive about them. I think Gerard Way is a sexy beast, haha, but that doesn't mean I'm a twelve year old horny girl. I'm seventeen, My Chemical Romance has helped me get through my depression, and just because I think all of them are attractive in their own way doesn't mean I'm making the MCRmy look bad. I'm all for this blog and I love it! :D

Exactly. I’m just saying they’re attractive (though that’s an understatement). Doesn’t mean their music isn’t important to me, too.

And thank you! <3

Anonymous said: It's kinda annoying that you hardly post things that aren't Roleplaying anymore.

It’s kinda annoying that you hardly post things that aren’t reblogs anymore.